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Designs from Sue Spargo Folk Art Quilts!

Sues wonderful primitive quilt designs spring from a collage of influences.  She was born in Zambia, educated in South Africa, and has lived in England as well as Connecticut, Tennessee, Utah and Ohio in the United States.  She credits all of these places, their environments and cultures for having influenced her wonderful designs that have been made into quilts, table runners, pin cushions, wall hanging, totes and purses, and now needlepoint!

Im excited to be able to work with Sue and to be able to translate Sue Spargo Folk Art Quilts onto needlepoint canvas.  Her whimsical and spirited creations really lend themselves to interpretation with fun fibers and stitches.

Be sure to visit Sues web site to see all of her patterns, available in books, CDs and kits.


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Design #SS101


8" x 8" - 13M

Design #SS102

Folk Art Dreams

9" x 24" - 13M

Design #SS103

Saffron Hill

8" x 10" - 13M

Design #SS104

Dog Days of Summer

8.5" x 7.5" - 18M

Design #SS105


8" x 8" - 18M

Design #SS111

Magnolia House

10" x 10" - 18M

Design #SS113

Little Folk Art Dreams I

8" x 8" - 18M

Design #SS114

Little Folk Art Dreams II

8" x 8" - 18M

Design #SS115


13.5" x 6.5" - 13M


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